Please book your appointment using the booking site below


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Please register family members individually when booking appointments.


If your doctor has no on-line bookings available, please call the surgery in case cancellations have occurred.


Standard/Short appointments: 5-15 minutes

Long appointments 15-30 minutes

We request that longer appointments are made for:

  • Cervical cancer screening tests (Pap smear / HPV testing)
  • A single, complex medical problem
  • Mental health care plans
  • Chronic disease management care plans
  • Travel medicine consultations
  • New patients with complex medical histories.

Please note that if the time allocated for your appointment is not required, you will only be billed for a standard appointment.



Please let us know if your  appointment is no longer required as appointments are sometimes difficult to make and we would like to be able to offer them to other patients who may be unwell.

Missed appointments may incur a $25 “fail-to-attend” fee.